Myths about Divorce

A divorce can be a messy series of proceedings, and it’s spawned a lot of myths that might cause people involved in one to panic a bit. While divorce and the circumstances leading up to one are sometimes hard to go through, understanding these myths can help make the process a little easier.

First, marriage problems don’t always mean that a divorce is incoming. It can sometimes mean that you are normal. Couples fight, argue, spend the night with one person on the bed and the other on the couch, and have rough patches. You might need to see a therapist, go live with your mother for a few days, or go on a trip to really reconnect with one another and rekindle the romance. It’s how you solve the problems, not what they are, that cause divorce to become an option.

Second, while mothers might have always been given child custody back in the old days, now there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the father will receive primary custody of the child. Your gender doesn’t matter when it comes to who gets custody, and it instead revolves around various other factors. If you are a good parent and can take good care of your children, then you’re eligible to keep them.

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Finally, a divorce doesn’t have to be a hot-tempered affair with lots of blame and struggles for money or children. Amiable divorces do happen, just ask any divorce attorney tampa, and sometimes divorce is no one’s fault. The marriage just isn’t working, and both parties realize that. So while most divorces are dramatized as courtroom battles that cause emotional pain, they don’t always have to be.

Understanding what divorce is and isn’t can be especially helpful if you are going through one, and hopefully that understanding can help you get through it in one piece.